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If you still think that weather-appropriate clothing can’t be beautiful and stylish, you should visit the official fur salon of the legendary Blackglama and American Legend mink in Moscow, Russia. The excellent outfit chosen there can turn severe winter into the favorite time of the year. Unfriendly weather won’t compromise your style. It’s easy to plan your outfits for any weather with the BlackGlama fur coat in your wardrobe.
You can dress well even when the climate seems to be against you. Consider the best solution to stay warm despite the freezing cold temperatures and select a classy fur coat from the brand that presents the world’s finest mink. Mink fur coat has always expressed a unique appeal in the eyes of fashion lovers. Moscow salon offers a wide variety of fur pieces so that consumers could buy fur coats to taste.

Мех — это необходимая роскошь

It’s a pleasure to wear a high-class fur coat exuding luxury and style. Ensemble with BlackGlama clothing always looks expensive. The selection is extensive, and the designer’s collection is so attractive that it’s hard to choose. Why not acquire several items then? Undoubtedly, it would be great to have several fur coats for winter. You’ll be wearing it every day for most of the year so it’s better to have at least more than one. It can be a parka, a classic full length mink fur coat, or a stylish jacket. There are cool fur items from the unique velvety Blackglama and American Legend mink. The brand also offers fur items made of:

Luxury fur coats purchased in Moscow GUM, the main department store of Russia, will let you avoid the feeling that you’ve stuck in the same outfit till spring arrives. It’s never boring to wear BlackGlama, but the elegant lady needs diversity. It’s also possible to acquire the original fur accessories in the salon to complete your appearance and transform your outfit for different occasions. There you can find:

The BlackGlama brand adheres to the principles of impeccable style, elegant design, and genuine beauty. In the history of fashion, it embodies sophisticated luxury and classic elegance. The products of this brand are iconic, while its advertising campaign is known throughout the world. The most beautiful and talented women advertised BlackGlama American legend. Such celebrities as Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Jackson, Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bündchen, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Hurley, and many other renowned personalities became the models of the brand and made the glamor of its fur clothing shine.

Why Blackglama fur coat is the best solution for tough winter weather

You can make winter the most wonderful time of the year with BlackGlama coats in the wardrobe. There are several reasons explaining why this acquisition is the best investment.
The warmth of the finest fur coats will keep you protected from severe winter winds. Made from high-class BlackGlama pelt inspected by experienced graders, it’s free of any imperfections on both sides. The fur and the leather are flawless. Only 2% of the global mink population can bear an exclusive BlackGlama name. You may not worry about the authenticity of BlackGama clothes as each item is provided with a label that displays a unique serial number. Made in classic style, it never goes out of fashion and ensures luxurious comfort and style throughout the winter.
Each sophisticated woman should have it in her wardrobe. It will represent your stylishness best of all. Harmoniously combining impeccable beauty with function, the mink fur coat is notably one of the most distinct and refined classics. Being exclusive is to wear, such a commodity is a milestone achieved by successful people. Though we can’t offer a fur coat for every price range there is definitely one for every unique personality. No matter why you buy this item: as a flamboyant style statement or a good investment, you might reconsider your intentions and reevaluate them after buying the fur coat.